Our multidisciplinary team is build up of 6 organisations from 4 different European countries

Technology center
Research institute


Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre of Catalonia, providing the industrial and business sector with differential technology and advanced expertise.

The centre offers solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment. It brings together the expertise of 650 professionals who generate a volume of income of 50M€ per year. Serving more than a thousand companies, Eurecat is involved in 200 projects of R&D national and international with high strategic value.

Contribution to the HELIX project

Eurecat is responsible of coordinating the project and the dissemination of project results. With a large experience in hydrogen embrittlement, Eurecat leads the steel characterisation and selection, participating also in the steel optimisation and manufacturing as well as in the analysis of coating performance and effects of environment on hydrogen embrittlement.


Sidenor I+D is the R&D centre of Sidenor Special Steels,  one of the European leaders in the fabrication of special steel long products.

Sidenor I+D focuses its activities on the optimization of the steel production process and the development of new steel solutions for sectors such as automotive, energy, etc. The centre, with more than 35 years of experience, combines the knowledge of 52 scientists and engineers and state-of-the-art equipment available in its laboratory.

Contribution to the HELIX project

The role of Sidenor I+D in the HELIX project is focused on the development of the new steels for wind fasteners and their complete metallurgical characterization, including fatigue testing.

Institut de la Corrosion

Institut de la Corrosion, affiliated to RISE (Research Institute Sweden) is the largest research institute in Europe in field of corrosion.

Institut de la Corrosion (IC) is established in Brest, France is a subsidiary of Research Institute Sweden (RISE) with main office in Gothenburg, Sweden. The core business of IC is corrosion testing, research and development in the field of protection against corrosion. Including both activities in France and Sweden, it is the largest institute in Europe in field of corrosion with a team of over 100 corrosion engineers and technicians.

Contribution to the HELIX project

Institut de la Corrosion is in charge of the evaluation of HE and fatigue testing in real sea water, cyclic corrosion tests according to several standards, and coating testing in simulated offshore conditions. Crucial for the project, Institut de la Corrosion has the possibility to expose the new developments to real environment at the field seawater station in the bay of Brest.


PEINER Umformtechnik GmbH (PUT) is a worldwide system supplier. PUT supplies leading manufacturers of wind turbines with quality products for safety-related applications. The product spectrum ranges from HV/HRC and DASt fittings to double ends. PUT is the market leader for HV bolt sets, supplies the steel construction industry with high-strength HV PEINER -bolts and is a full-service provider for HV, HV Pass, HV Black and HRC sets (optionally also with a special coating).

Further competencies are   engineering: PUT is a development partner for the automotive and mechanical engineering industries and supplies high-strength fasteners with cold and hot forming parts with automated, complex machining process and testing.

Contribution to the HELIX project

PEINER is responsible for manufacturing of bolts, nuts and washers for the project. In addition, PEINER will perform the tests such as tensile tests, hardness tests and friction tests.


DÖRKEN Coatings unites experts from the fields of high-performance corrosion protection and premium coatings.

With over 1000 employees worldwide and an annual turnover of ca 400M€ we offer solutions for high-quality surface protection, colour systems and pigment pastes since 1892. With our innovative systems we protect diverse components against corrosion. We are convinced that together with our customers and partners we can develop the best solution precisely where it is required. And at the same time make the use of raw materials more sustainable and efficient.

Contribution to the HELIX project

DÖRKEN is responsible for the development, selection and application of the best possible zinc flake coatings, which are intended to provide corrosion protection on the one hand and to avoid corrosion-related hydrogen embrittlement on the other.

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague

University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UP) is the largest university in Central Europe providing education in all areas of chemistry. Technopark Kralupy is a branch of UP devoted to applied research and industrial projects, helping in linking interests of industry and knowledge available at the university.

The Department of Construction Metallic Materials of Technopark Kralupy is focused on atmospheric corrosion, corrosion protection by coatings and accelerated corrosion testing. It provides over 80 expertise and consultancy works a year and participates in numerous national and international projects financed directly by industry or from public resources.

Contribution to the HELIX project

The team of UP applies its broad expertise in interactions of hydrogen with metallic materials. It is studying conditions that may lead to hydrogen entry to coated high strength steel joining elements in order to design advanced coating systems mitigating the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.